Thursday, March 6, 2008

Soar Heart Soar

My horoscope says I'm in the middle of a whirlwind of creativity - and I feel it!

Here is another mini quilt I made for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (actually I made two). I'm calling it Soar Heart Soar.

It symbolizes the people that are affected by the disease. The hearts are separate as each one is affected differently, broken in half by this disease though not torn apart and, yet, held together by the bonds that have always held them together – love, faith, hope. The bright colors symbolize these bonds.

I created it using my favorite raw edge technique - raw edge applique, with a raw edge triangle binding, free motion, echo quilting and (of course) some beading. It is based on a technique created by Jayme Crow called Stitch and Split Applique.

Please go visit the site to check out all of the other quilts and support this worthy cause.


Sharon said...

Tish, This is GORGEOUS! and you know how much I love heart art!Can't wait to see it before you send it off.
luv, CL

Sherry said...

Tish, very nice. Thank you so much for supporting the Alzheimer's initiative. This is very personal to me as I just lost my very young (68) father to this dreadful disease in August 2007. Keep up the wonderful work. Sherry in NC.

morningDove said...

your heart technique is very interesting. love the colors.
seems you have found your passion, also love the altered jacket.