Friday, March 21, 2008

Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer Squares

These little beaded squares have become addicting! I started with one and now I have 6 all ready to donate to the Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer Auction. I bead embroidered 5 of them – my favorite technique. I also decided to use the Peyote stitch for the sixth square simply to prove to myself that I could do flat peyote and follow a pattern. The rose is beaded in two very subtle shades of pink that are hardly noticeable because the bead colors looked completely different in the tubes. Of course, by the time I figured that out I was too deep into the project and having torn it apart two times, I wasn’t about to start over! Anyone who has ever beaded using the peyote stitch knows that the first couple of rows are real boogers and this was no exception. And, why is it that no matter how many beads you have it’s never enough?!

Anyway, it was loads of fun and I’m glad to see them going to a good cause. As soon as Jeanette Shanigan posts a picture of the bead quilt, I’ll post it here.

Wonder where they’ll end up at?


Sharon said...

OK, girlfriend... I did it!!
Go see on my blog.
luv ya!

morningDove said...

beautiful bead work for a great cause.