Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer Auction

This is a sweet little bead embroidery square I created for the Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer auction to be held at this year’s Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. Jeanette Shanigan of Shanigans Bead Shenanigans has volunteered to collect and sew the squares into bead quilts that are 48 squares large. Each square is only 1-1/2 inches large.

I’m not sure why the square came out so pink. My intention was to use a few pink beads, but I really intended it to be mostly purple and green; but, it is what it is and I really like it (despite my allergy to the color pink). I am a member of the Houston Bead Society and this past Saturday, I challenged its members to bead enough squares for a complete quilt (48). I volunteered to collect them, sew them onto the Peltex and then mail them in. I’m really hoping we can reach that goal.

I have been having so much fun creating things to donate to these worthy causes. I hope you will consider getting involved in some of them.

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