Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Studio - Part II

Here are my fabric "boltlets" lined up on a shelf. I found the red storage boxes at my local hardware store. They store brads, letters, sequins, vintage hardware stuff, buttons & other miscellaneous stuff. I used translucent paper storage boxes to store my rubberstamps. I also bought lazy susans from the dollar store & they hold my glues, mediums, etc. I recycled cans, painted them white & now they hold my brushes, pencils, markers. etc.

I have a degree in Jewelry and Metalsmithing and have been known to occasionally break out my torch and play with fire - so one wall houses my bench. The wall above my bench has a pegboard with tools I use most often hanging from it and some beads that I haven't found a place for yet. The other side has a Sears tool box with my major tools and a pegboard with rulers and a few finished beaded pieces.

My photography stuff (slide printer, cameras) is in the closet along with sweater holders full of yarn filed according to its color. On the closet door hangs a plastic see through shoe holder with sewing notions, crochet hooks and other miscellaneous stuff.

I've learned that organization is the answer to my tendency to procrastinate. I also realized that I was either spending more time looking for what I needed than making art or buying multiples of things I already had. It was causing a lot of stress. So I spent about a week organizing the studio, boxing, shelving and labeling (very important). Now I know where everything is (well almost everything) and I’m getting a lot of projects finished.

I hope you enjoyed my little studio tour and it inspires you to try some of these organizational ideas in your own space.

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morningDove said...

oh i love your studio tour. it gives me hope that i can get mine this organized. i have a serger and sewing machine setup. cutting table in the corner and everything else i am working on organizing. you have given me some ideas. thanks so much for posting your studio.