Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tyvek Earrings Part 2

Making tyvek beads could be addicting!

This is another pair of earrings I made in minutes! Really, I think it took longer for the paint to dry than to create them.

Check out the close-up. I found I had these tiny, tiny holeless beads that I picked up somewhere. So I mixed them up with the ultra thick embossing powder and heated up the tyvek bead with my heat gun. When the bead was hot (melted), I rolled it around in the embossing powder/bead mixture a couple of times and then dipped the ends in the same purple paint I used to color the tyvek to get rid of the white edges.

This pair is somewhere between the ultra shiny beads and the completely matte beads (see green pair below) and I really, really like the effect: a little shine from the holeless beads, a little glow from the embossing powder and still a somewhat matte finish. I added some silver beads and spacers from my stash and I had a pair of earrings that just barely brush my shoulders - in my favorite color: purple, of course.

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