Friday, July 18, 2008

This is the first sample I created in Nancy Prince's workshop. I learned to use two stitches - the straight and the zig zag - with the feed dogs down to create free motion embroideries. When doing free motion (embroidery or quliting), the feed dogs are down and you control the length of the stitches. With the straight stitch you don't set anything, but with the zig zag you can set the width to get different effects.

You start with a "tulle sandwich" which consists of a water soluble stabilizer, tulle and water soluble stabilizer. Then you hoop your "sandwich," make sure the sewing machine feed dogs are down, lower the presser foot and start sewing. You can go in any direction, but Nancy told us to go "east and west" with the zig zag. I went "north and south" a couple of times and I liked that too. I need to go back and work on the highlights some more. Anyway, for a good tutorial and more information about her "hoop sandwich," go to Nancy's website.

I like my sample a lot better than the tree I started for the actual project. I used a variegated brown thread for the trunk, but too much of it was way too light. Then I started the tree canopy with a dark green thread. I followed with a variegated green - so far so good. Then, when I re-hooped it to sew another area, I found out that my tension was too loose. If you look at it closely, the left side is much looser than the right. Oh well, live and learn. Anyway, it's not finished and I'm not sure I'm going to finish it. Instead, I have an idea for another project...

In the meantime, I'm teaching how to make tyvek beads at the Houston Bead Society meeting tomorrow. If you live in or near the Houston area, it meets at Bayou Manor, 4141 South Braeswood at 10:00 am. Maybe I'll see you there?

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