Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Charity Quilts

I love making "stuff" but, working on a quilt or other project for someone else brings a different level of pleasure and enjoyment. I've made art quilts for Fiber Art for a Cause, Alzhiemer's association and beaded squares to benefit breast cancer research.

So, this month, I decided to take the plunge and checked out two bags of Comfort Quilt pieces to sew together and turn in next month. I finished both tops in an evening (about 6 to 8 hours). I have to admit the Greater Houston Quilt Guild really made it easy for me - all the tedious work was already done (the pieces were already cut out) so all I had to do was sew them together. The quilt tops are completed at its annual Comfort Quilt get-together and then donated to various pre-determined charities.

Many people think they can't make a difference - well, you can and all it takes is a few hours. I was pleased with the results and plan on checking out some more at next month's meeting.

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